Embrace Footy

Thousands of people are migrating to Australia every year from different parts of the world. Some come as a student and while others come as a family. People are making every effort to adapt…they are learning the local accent, getting into good corporate jobs, helping wider communities.

All sports make you a good human being and having an inclination to your native sport is quite natural but where you have adopted other elements of the Australian culture, it’s important to participate equally in sports as well. If they find it difficult to play, they should always encourage their next generation to be part of their mother game i.e. FOOTY

The Hume Bombers club is only one of its kind in Australia who is taking this initiative to a wider audience.

So, come and join the club to EMBRACE FOOTY.

McubeMedia team in association with Hume Bombers club giving this message with a short video!

Big Thanks to AFL Essendon District Football League

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