Lynne’s Family

Not a beautiful story, it is about 35 year old Lynne, a single mum to Josh 8 and Cooper. She has been battling Acute Myeloid Leukemia (Cancer) since January this year.

She has got very less hope and is leaving behind 2 beautiful innocent victims.

Spending an evening with the whole family was the best photography experience I ever had.

While delivering the photographs, I advised Tracy (Lynne’s Sis) that I have done nothing special with the photographs and they are simply straight out of my heart.

The whole family is adorable. Her elder son Josh aka Tom Cruise (the name i gave him) was very caring son and a loving big brother to Cooper.

I wish all the best to Lynne and strength to the family to support her.

Please share and like these photographs to spread the Fund raising campaign – CALL FOR HELP – LYNNE.www.gofundme.com/call-for-help


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